What In the World Is Organic SEO?

To answer that question, let's consider what it is not. It is not regular paid advertising. With regular paid advertising, the business pays to more-or-less “force” their ad to appear when a person does a search on a certain keyword phrase. Therefore, organic search results are the results which occur naturally when a person searches for a specific topic. That is, the computer algorithm decides which results probably best match what it is you're wanting and presents those results.

Therefore, organic SEO is the process of optimizing in order to cause your website to naturally rank high when someone searches for a phrase associated with your product or service.

Why is Organic SEO so important?

Throughout the mainstream media, advertising costs are skyrocketing. This is even spreading to the Internet, where high-powered businesses bid top dollars for links appearing on the top spots of relevant search phrases. As a result, if it were not for organic SEO professionals, only the big businesses would be able to afford premium spots in search results. However, when RDI Marketing implements organic SEO for your site, your position will maintain a higher spot because it is relevant to the searcher's search terms and it does not depend on your advertising budget.

Want a Peak at RDI Marketing Organic SEO Strategies?

While we can't describe for you exactly the strategies we use (this would take a book), we will tell you that our understanding of what makes the search-engine world "tick" gives us an advantage over other top Internet marketing firms.

  • First, we do the necessary research so we understand our clients' needs and business. We create relevant content for them and research appropriate keyword phrases.
  • Then we tackle every part of optimization. This includes on-page optimization, url rewriting, creating robot .txt files, making internal links and alt tags, generating content, and improving your site navigation, among other things.
  • We also implement several off-page factors, such as distributing press releases, building links back to your site—and basically delivering unsurpassed visibility results. NOTE: RDI Marketing never engages in “black hat techniques”, link farming or unscrupulous methods of getting traffic to your site. That's not only bad form, but it could get your site banned altogether.
  • And all through the process, we monitor. At this stage, we regularly tweak your site. Constant keyword evaluation and monthly ranking reports are essential in assessing the success of your site and indicating places improvement is needed.

Organic SEO should be the primary goal of all SEO services. Unfortunately, it's often not. Whether you hire us or someone else, remember that it's never wise to rely simply on paid solutions to provide traffic for your site. Doing so will not result in sustainable high traffic.

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