SEM (Search Engine Marketing) Strategies

What is SEM?

SEM stands for search engine marketing. It's the larger term which includes under it concepts like search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click advertising campaigns (PPC), and online strategies to promote name / brand recognition. All of these are done with the goal of increasing traffic to, and conversion on, your website.

What SEO services does RDI Marketing use?

At RDI Marketing, we combine every current aspect of search engine marketing in order to bring you maximum results. However, our primary strategies revolve around growing your online presence organically. Organic SEO simply means that, as opposed to buying a top spot for your business in a search engine's results, we tailor your website so that it occurs naturally in the results when someone searches for a relevant keyword phrase. We prefer this strategy because it's more cost-effective and people trust these results more than paid links.

What are some organic SEO methods?

A few of them include writing and distributing press releases, building links, creating copywriting and syndication, and other visibility methods.

Pay Per Click Management:

When you outsource your PPC management to experienced pros such as RDI Marketing, you know that you'll receive higher ROI because of the effective selection of relevant keywords; advanced monitoring / tracking capabilities; better-than-average CTR along with creative campaign creation; and a lower cost-per-click rate.

PPC advertising has proven popular because it targets local customers by pointing those close to your region, country or city in the direction of your website. PPC has proven to be the fastest way to bring customers to your website as you're waiting for organic SEO strategies to take full effect.

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