Off-Page/Site Optimization:

It's What YOU Can Do For Your Website

Let's assume you've hired RDI Marketing to optimize your website. Once we've finished, what next? Is there something you can do to promote your website?.

Yes, there's a strategy you can begin yourself. It's called "off-page optimization." At its core, this refers to link-building, a step which will do much to promote your website's success. Link-building simply means visiting other websites on the Internet and incorporating links that point people back to your site. Here are 9 specific steps involved in effective link-building. These are basic link buiding techniques that can help your site in the SERP's.

  1. Get your site listed with Yahoo Local and Google Local Maps (No charge involved). For Google, visit: and for Yahoo, : Not sure you know how to do this? Don't worry. Contact us at RD Online Solutions and we'll point you in the right direction. Once you've completed this step correctly, people can find a handy map any time they search and find your business online.
  2. Submit your website to Be sure you're not already listed before you sign up.
  3. Submit your website to the Yahoo Directory. This is a special directory for websites, not their main search listings. The cost is $299. While it might be a little pricey, it is a way to get the attention of Google, which scans the Yahoo Directory regularly.
  4. Do everything possible to get linked in all of the best directories. Some of these cost a small fee, others are free. For information about the best directories, contact us at RD Online Solutions.
  5. Sign up at and create your own wiki page. There's no charge and it's really helpful.
  6. Rather than renewing your domain name just a year in advance, renew it for 5 or 10 years in the future. Google's system will perceive this as an indicator that the site will be around a while, and they will tend to give you the VIP treatment.
  7. Create an ad for your services or products at CraigsList ( and keep it current.
  8. Create a free classifieds ad for your products or services on Craig's List.
  9. Write articles and submit to major article directory's with relevant keywords in the anchor text that point to your site.

RDI Marketing builds a "diverse" link profile when you hire us (there are hundreds of techniques). When live and breath link building and know how important it is for search engine exposure. Contact us at RDI Marketing today for more information about getting your website the best possible exposure.

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