The most important concept in search engine optimation is the "key word."

Here's what you need to know about them to make them work for your website.

Before your website will ever become as successful as it could be with the search engines, you must identify the perfect keywords for your site. Simply stated, a keyword is a phrase or word that someone enters into a search engine when researching information on the Internet. To make sure that Google or Yahoo are pointing searchers to you, it's important to know precisely what keywords these searchers are entering. You can find this out by using tools such as WORD TRACKER and KEYWORD DISCOVERY. It's enlightening to see which keywords pepole are searching for.

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Don't rely on your website designer to figure out the right keywords for your industry. Most have no idea about how to find out this information. It takes a pro with an intimate knowledge of SEO to customize these keywords for your website. If you want people to find your site, invest the money to hire someone who knows about SEO and keyword optimization.

Remember: Every search engine indexes and categorizes websites according to keywords. It is essential that the keywords you select are relevant to the services and products you offer as well as to the written content on your site. An SEO pro will know how to do this so that you achieve the maximum results possible on the big search engines

Search engines index and categorize webpages by keywords. The most important thing is that the keyword phrases you select are highly relevant, not only to your products and services, but to your written content. You also need to avoid Flash, heavy use of graphics or Javascript, and certain other design elements that will hurt your chance of ranking.

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